Thursday, January 26, 2017

The MTC is not my jam!

Ayyyyyyye fam howzit!

I've been here at the MTC (CCM) for a week now and it is nutz. I hate it and love it jaja. My companions are Hermana Hutchinson (from Dallas, going to SLC) and Hermana Holbrook (from Virginia, going to Logan, Utah) so we are the stateside bangahz. Hermana Hutchinson is a convert to the church (she converted when she was 16, along with her family) and I love her story. We have taught our first investigator, Salvador, en Espanol and it is SCERREHHH but way sweet! We love him! We are teaching him again tonight.

Our district has 5 hermanas y 5 elders. We are going to Bolivia, Boise, Logan, SLC, Mexico, Portland, and Arizona. Es loco! I love them muchos and we laugh together and cry together. One of the Hermana's name is Hermana Saari and I call her Hermana lo siento jajaja. Our district presidency are these old haole mormons who bug the crap out of me and tell me that I can't wear the socks that I brought and that my testimony wasn't long enough and they think I'm too relaxed on the rules because I'm from Hawaii and I'm like lol screw you guys but it is a learning experience! Jesus da #1 in ever loved everyone and saw good in everyone and this is a challenge I have had.I have learned so much here so far and have taught in Spanish, written in Spanish, testified in Spanish and prayed aloud in Spanish. It is all very scary but very fun and I know without a doubt that this is where I'm supposed to be even if it is irritz as balls lol.

You can't listen to music at the MTC which is KILLING ME I swear all these missionaries just need some j.johnson in their lives and bam everything will be better. 

I haven't fallen in the snow yet (bendiciones!) and it has snowed like 5 feet I swear. Its nutz. We walked to the temple this morning with our district and there was like a whole white hat sitting on the top of my head.

It's weird being at Provo and not being at BYU (just like Emma said it would be). I'm smallkine bummed out cuz I don't like it here and I'm ready to be in Idaho already but I'm learning buttloads about the gospel (nacho voice). I'm so excited to get out there and meet people and just have some fun! Our district has lost it a few times this week - once when we were reading the white handbook, I started reading about how not to take pictures of terrorist acts or something wack we all just broke down laughing and ended up on the floor. Another time, when our district 1st counselor was in our class (one of the old haole irritses), Elder Gill got up to bear his testimony and his fly was down and we all just sat in front of him and tried not to laugh but someone giggled and then everyone broke and teeeeeears were streaming down our faces we were laughing so hard! Our district 1st counselor was like trying to bring us back in and then had a talk with us about how we need to stay focused and save the fun for later and I'm like nawwwwwbro I think Jesus is all about fun! Christ wants us to teach people this wonderful message about the gospel and to get to know our brothers and sisters on this Earth and laugh with them and cry with them and help them feel the spirit and help them in any way they need to be helped! I love this gospel so much.

It has been rough to be here but I keep remembering when TK writes his missionary emails and says ''if there's any way I can help you, let me know!" That's crazy to me! I feel like I couldn't help anyone right now because I'm having a hard time myself, but when you turn outward instead of inward, miracles can happen! He's one crazy bangah of an example. I've got some great friends out there serving - Emma, you crack me UP, Isaiah still can't spell jajaja jk but I love laughing at his emails, River Jarman is here and waves to me ever time I see him, Victoria is here learning Japanese with Tiana and Anne and I love seeing all of these people's faces it gives me comfort! I love you all MUCHOS MUCHOS 

Until next Wednesday,
Hermana Elkington 

Thursday, January 5, 2017