Saturday, May 27, 2017

Somos las Misioneras, we want to be your Friends!

Guess who had a baller week! Hanatea did! 

We finally got two of our investigators, Ismael and Nathan on baptismal date. Me and Hermana Allen were like okizayyyy - we need to do something different. So we had an awesome lesson with them in the Chapel and were like, hey, we'll play basketball with you guys after the lesson! The Mom is a Menos Activo and the Dad isn't a member. We taught the lesson, decided on a date, and we just felt the spirit so strongly. Then we all played basketball together and their whole family was just playing and laughing and having fun and I just kept thinking this is what it's all about. Is having fun as a family, no matter what your situation is. It was a super cool day and reminded me of why I'm here and how much I love these people. 

Right after that, Hermana Allen had a leadership training and came back and told me that we're not allowed to play basketball with less-actives or investigators or pretty much anyone and that crushed me a little, because that was just super effective and totally fun and just GOOD. So here I am pissed about mission rules again haha...angst.  

I also got to go on an exchange to Rupert, and do some English work. I met a less-active named Brother Schawl and he played his guitar for me on his porch outside during the sunset and it was so magical that the hummingbirds even came out and said aloha. It was just a straight up slice of pie in my soul. Also super cool to do some English work! Rupert has a lot less members than Burley and there is a lot of people to talk with there who are more interested in learning!

Last thing that made my week - In Rupert, we had lunch with one of the WML's there and they had just come back from a trip to Hawaii. They stayed in Laie and just LOVED it there so much, and freaked out about musubis and all the goob foob you can get at 7/11 and how pretty the hikes are and the ocean and I was just full of super happy joy for my place! I miss the ocean. 

I miss you all! Thank you for all of your support and love - I feel it everyday. If anyone needs anything, let me know! If you love me, write me back (lol Isaiah)! Hope everyone has a great week and knows that I love the crap out of you. 

Hermana Elkington

Hanatea finds a Trombone to play!

So the Mother's day skype thing is the best thing in the whole world. It was soooooo good to talk to my parents and get some advice and just talk about their lives and what's been going on with them! Really really sweet. Also the member's house that we skyped at, he had like 60 guitars and a soprano sax and also a trombone which I jammed on for a bit haha. SUCH A GOOD DAY

Me and Hermana Allen have had a GOOD week. We are really close to setting a baptismal date with the Magana kids, we've talked to them about it, taught them, and they are currently praying about June 10th. Keep them in your prayers that they will continue to progress towards baptism! They are super smart kids and just know their stuff.

We found 5 new investigators this week - A family of 5. They actually came to US and asked to be taught, which was this huge fatty miracle! What even! That never happens!

We also had to turn one of our investigators, this lady named Jenny, over to the English Elders here in Burley. She was pretty dang golden and really interested, but said she would prefer going to Church in English - so we took the Elders by and introduced them to her and oh my goodness gracious, that was the most awkward thing I've ever experienced. The Elders were just sooooo awkward and said weird things and I was just like what! Nooooo! And Jenny kept looking at us like "ummm....are you guys gonna still come by?" So we'll have to go check up on her once in a while haha. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Elders. 

We had a big district lunch and Elder Montgomery made us all this thing that he calls "Tongan pancakes" and I have no idea why but it is a halfway-cooked packet of ramen with a tomato, ranch, and taco sauce, in between 2 pieces of white bread and we were like uhhhhooookayyy but hey - I was pretty stoked. Not as bad as it sounds lol. I also had a good hot dog this week, so spirits are high my friends. Oh and also we had crepes. So spirits are REALLY high. 

Keep on working hard and being nuggets of gold and goodness! I love each and every one of you! 

Lots of love,
Hermana Elkington 

ft. sick pics of city of Rocks and goob missionary experiences and a reeeeally dark pic with the trombone cuz my flash stay broke

Monday, May 8, 2017

Jawaiian Jams and the Sun


We got our car back and have been cruising this week! I fo sho miss being on bikes because I feel less air and less free, but now we can do all of the work we have been needing to do in Paul and Heyburn, the places that are too far to bike to. But HERE'S A MIRACLE THIS WEEK.....IT HAS BEEN LIKE 80 DEGREES! Me and Hermana Allen have been studying outside and helping Araceli fix her deck and (shhhhhh smallkine playing in the water cheehee haha) and getting slightly less white than we have been. I've just been jamming! I love the sun.

We have been working a lot this week with the Familia Magana. Nayeli, the mom, is a member and has become really good friends with us - we took her to a lesson and all of a sudden she's wanted to really come back to Church and have lessons with us. We had a Noche de Hogar with her and her kids and her husband, who isn't a member and it went so good! We had fun and talked about baptism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm really stoked to keep on working with them and hopefully we can help them get their kids baptized soon. I really love them a lot. 

We have also found 3 new investigators and a TON of new potentials around Burley, just by being on bikes last week. It's hard to find people that are really interested in learning about the gospel, but it's such a blessing to have so many people around the area that we can visit and teach, and our days are busy and full. 

We also helped clean Tina's house this week and she jammed some Jawaiian music for me and BLESSSSSSSSSS I miss home! So funny how you hate Jawaiian until you leave the Island. I got a package this week that was full of letters from my L2 family and it made my day with happy tears.

There are always struggles in the mission life, but we keep on keeping on! Trying to have as much fun as we can while we do it and help as many people as we can. If you guys have any questions, feel free to shoot and I'll answer them in my next email! Hope everyone has a great lovely sunny happy wonderful week - let me know if there's anything I can do to help! Love you all!

Hermana Elkington 

'Aina timezzzz

Aloha jarritos!

Me and Hermana Allen had a tough week. We had so many scheduled appointments and almost all of them fell through - and we made other appointments and then THOSE ones fell through. And I was like what! Burley! What happen! 

But here's the cool thing - our car has been taking longer than we thought. And so we have still been on bikes, just being cruzahs through Burley, feeling the 'aina, and we have met tons of new people. Yesterday we saw this Mexican family having a BBQ and we stopped and just talked to them and this guy hands me this huuuuuge piece of carne asada wrapped in a tortilla and is like "you have to take some food! Just take it!" And Hermana Peterson always said, "never say no to food" and so I'm like "gracias amigo!" and let me tell you, that might have been the best thing I have ever eaten in my whole life. 

We also went on a smoothie run on one of our rough days, and I got a mango smoothie that cooled down my soul and made me happy so cheeeeeeeeeeeeepono

We have found 2 new investigators and they are pretty open and happy to hear from us, which always makes the work fun. 

Hope everyone has a great week, keep being happy! By the way, it snowed this week - and it's APRIL! lololololol Idaho

Lots of love,
Hermana Elkington