Monday, June 19, 2017

Becoming the Quesadas

We have had a lonnnnnng week - a good week, but a long week. I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life haha, but it's a good, fulfilled kind of tired.

I got some advice from friends for finding people and teaching while you find and guess freaking what - we found 4 new investigators this week! One of them was Emanuel. And holy crap, this guy was just such a huge blessing in the work here. He was a referral from some Elders and he just is the coolest! He has a construction company and is from Mexico, and has only been in the US for about 2 months now. We knocked on his door and HE was the one who made the return appt. So we go by on Friday with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, the Quesada's, and we teach him. And the Quesada's just owned the lesson, invited him to church, and even extended a baptismal invitation and I'm like what? When they teach you this stuff in the MTC you don't think it actually works like that, and I still think about 90% of the time it doesn't, but Emanual just loved it. He committed to coming to church and wants to learn more.

So - our new transfer goal is to BECOME THE QUESADAS. They are goalzzzzzzz x100 I kid you not. (Also, they are super cute and got married like a year ago and are still like fresh of the mission kind of, and they are super chill and just help us a ton and also make us ono grindz)

Another miracle that happened this week - we got invited to attend a Sealing of some people in our Branch. It was actually so neat to go to the temple and see them get sealed - in Spanish! It was really simple (I had never seen a sealing before) and it made me just feel so special - I hardly know these people, I just got to Boise, and they invite me to go to their Sealing? It was really cool, and I can't believe how blessed I am to serve around these people and learn from them. 

Thank you for all the love and the support and the prayers and everything - I got some letters from some Laie friends and man, it just makes my day and reminds me of my roots and why I'm out here doing this. I love the mission so much - no matter how HARD it gets (and it gets suuuuuper hard haha), the miracles that I see somehow always make up for it. I dunno how it works, but it does. 

Hope everyone has a baller week. Don't forget to breathe! Don't forget to listen to music! Don't forget to have FUN WITH LIFE! (lol things I tell myself everyday haha) Let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything! Love you all SO MUCH

Hermana Elkington

- Me and Hna Sundstrom at the Boise Temple
- Finding the only freaking cows in Boise (I miss the countryyyyy!)

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