Monday, June 19, 2017

Mongolian BBQ & other Nuggets of Magic

Aloha Fam,

First off, Hermana Sundstrom and I got gift cards from the crazy members here in Boise and she took me to this magical place called Mongolian BBQ and I exploded with happiness. It was awesome - you put all the stuff you want in a bowl and they cook it on this rock thing and push it around with some sticks and it was some goooooooooob food. 

Some other cool things happened this week as well - we got 2 of our investigators on a Baptismal Date for August 12th! They are awesome and love having us come over. This week, if you could keep Charlene and Angel in your prayers that they will want to come to Church and feel the spirit, that'd just be greeeeeat haha - It's been so cool to see the Lord's hand in the work here.

Another cool thing - while I was on exchanges, I found this family that lives behind one of the Menos Activos we teach and we went and talked to them. Me and Hermana Sundstrom taught them this week - we did the Restoration and while we were talking, I just saw in their eyes that they were feeling the spirit. They are from Mexico and have been here for about a month now - when we asked them what they thought about all of the things we were telling them, the Mom replied with a simple, "That feels right to me." It was super neat to be able to be in tune with Heavenly Father and feel for myself that the things that we were teaching were true. 

We've had a crazy, stressful, miracle filled week - here's some of the ways I saw the hand of God in my life this week: 

- We got to see Elder Melo! He is from Brazil and cracks us UP
- A lady we had dinner with brought us cotton-candy flavored grapes the next morning just cuz she thought of us!
- We got 3 jars of applesauce from a family
- We had an awesome sidewalk-chalk lesson with one of our Investigators
- We didn't get lost ;)

Lastly, our Ward Mission Leader came with us to a lesson this week and after we were done, he came up to us and told us thank you for how hard we are working. He said that it's been hard to work with some of the missionaries in the past and that he's so thankful to have us here, and just said thank you for being such great missionaries. It was definitely something I needed, because sometimes you do all this work and no one really sees it but Heavenly Father - so it was cool that Hno. Quesada took the time to thank us and inspire us. We are really blessed to be able to work with some great people in (crazy) Boise. 

Hope everyone had a stelllllllar week - let me know if there's anything I can do to help you, or if you have any questions about the work here! Thanks for all of your prayers and support #DOITFORIDAHO #JESUSFORIDAHO

Lots of love,
Hermana Elkington

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