Monday, June 26, 2017

Come what May, and Love the crap out of it

Aloha Fam!

Here's some of my favorite quotes of the week, some things that I either heard or read:

- "If Idaho isn't giving you all the sunshine and smiles, you gotta provide fo your brothers and sisters." -Jo Tueller
- "When we're friends, everything will be better!" -Elder Melo (from Braziiiiiil!)
- "I'm not here to receive praise and appreciation, I'm here for my Savior. And when I trust Him and work hard, I'll see miracles." -Sister Hansen
- "Come what may, and love it" -(A talk that I read - don't remember the speaker lol)

Before I left Burley, Hermana Allen told me over and over again, "You're gonna see so many miracles in Boise!" And (of course) she was right. Every week since I've been in Boise with Hermana Sundstrom, there have been absolute miracles in the mission work here. We have been running around like crazy, trying to find people to teach, running out of miles, exhausted, and yet are so full of happiness. I was talking with her last night - we had 6 people make commitments to come to Church and only one showed up - and although it wasn't our goal, we were sooooo incredibly happy that this one investigator came and felt the Spirit! We said to each other, even if no one had come, we still would have been happy. Because we know that Heavenly Father is proud of the work we are doing. 

This week we were blessed to be able to set a baptismal date with the Familia Cortes - the Mom, Cecy, and her two sons, Mario and Ramon. They have decided to read the Book of Mormon each day as a family on their own. Que milagro, right?! I don't know how these things happen, but it's way sweet to see. They are an incredible family and I have finally realized that Boise Idaho is exactly where I need to be serving (took me long enough right?). 

Also, me and Hermana Sundstrom had a hard day and didn't have a dinner, so we went and ate at the Cheesecake factory (I don't think I'll ever stop talking about the goob foods in Boise heh) 

Here's some things that I saw this week that reminded me of home!

- I went to Dutch Bros and got a smoothie and the guy that was working was Hunter Hancock's brother (or cousin or something) from the North Shore and he had just gotten back from Oahu like 2 days ago. And he gave us these huge mango smoothies fo free, how blessed?
- I saw someone walking in Downtown Boise that looked exactly like Pam Palmer! And I was reminded of my L2 family!
- I taught some Pidgin to Hna Sundstrom. She is actually like one native Pidgin speaker cuz she has picked it up pretty fast. Going be one native hayn soon ahhhhhh

Love you all! Thank you for all of your prayers and support. The talk that I read this week was entitled "Come what may, and love it" and I took this as my theme for the rest of my mission (let's see if I remember it next week haha). Because you never know what's gonna come! But just love it! It sometimes seems like the end of the freaking world, but you're gonna be okay in the end! So laugh through it and love through it. My heart is full of straight up cherreh love for you all - if you love me, write me back! 

Hermana Elkington 

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