Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Howzit my braddahz! 

Me and Hermana Sundstrom have been taking on BOISE and I keep saying, "Hermana, we're not 'Las Hermanas,' we're 'Lost Hermanas!'" It's foreal classic. We are always lost, but have witnessed a crapton of miracles this week.

First off, Hermana Sundstrom is incredible. She is super happy, energetic, willing to work hard, doesn't judge me for being salty about rules, and is an awesome teacher. She teaches with her heart and she makes everyone we teach laugh and the people love her. I am suuuuuuuper #blessed (lol) to have her as a companion, and it makes the tough work here in Boise just that much easier. It has rained a couple times here in Boise and we've just gone outside and ran around in the rain together, being happy! 

This week we have found a buttload of potential investigators, as well as 2 new investigators. Hermana Sundstrom said "I've never had this big of a list of potentials before on the mission!" We are both here to work hard, to get to know the area and the people, and FIND people to teach. Every day is a challenge, but it has been getting easier and easier, and we have definitely just been relying on God to give us a little push here and there to know where we should go. 

Here's one milagro for ya - we felt like we should go visit a less active, Hermana Copinger, and she lives in Boise East, which is pretty far, but we went anyway. We visited her, had a great lesson, and then left, wondering how we should use the last hour of our day, and we saw a name of a less active that neither of us knew. We dropped by her house and knocked, and this lady answered the door - not the less-active we were looking for, but someone who is now on our potential list, who is really excited for us to come back and really wants to talk to us. And here I am standing in the rain like HOLY CRAP God, how does this stuff just fall in my lap?! He is definitely looking out for me, just like always. 

I know there is just chooooke work to do here in Boise, we just have to find it and work hard. We have a great branch and great members who aren't suuuuper excited about mission work, but we're going to try to change that ;) 

Geeeeez this is hard, but this week I received some emails from Aunties and Uncles back in Laie that just warmed my heart and reminded me of my L2 roots! I have so many examples of crazy-boss missionary friends that I love and am trying to incorporate their strengths into my own. Thank you for the advice and the love - know that I love you all so much! 

Hope everyone has a stellar week! Let me know if there's anything that I can do for you, or if you have any questions about the work here in Boise! 

Lots of Love,
Hermana Elkington

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